Many people would say they love Harry Styles because he’s cute, famous, and talented. He’s alllll of those, but what really counts is deep down inside. And Harry or any of the boys are like the fame got to their head, they’re down to earth as Paul stated in the movie. Harry is one of those guys that would tell you cheesy jokes just to catch a glimpse of your smile. He always want to keep you protected at all times, even if that does mean getting a bit strict with fans and media and such. He’d want to spend cold days holding you close by the fire, feeling the heat radiate off the fire and his skin. He would smile every time you lightly traced his tattoos with your fingertips in the morning. Harry would be the sweet, cheesy romantic that a lucky girl when be able to feel. What hurts the most is, I would be that girl……. Because in his eyes, I am something special, but so are millions of other girls.

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